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libeap-ikev2 Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
CertListStructure for storing certifacate list in raw format
EAPHeaderEAP header structure
IdTypeConfigItemStructure which is used to map descriptive ID type name to numeric ID and vice versa
ikev2_ctxIKEv2 context structure. Used for storing global configuration options and list of active IKEv2 sessions
IKEv2AttributeData Attributes
IKEv2AuthenticationPayloadAuthentication Payload
IKEv2CertReqPayloadCertificate Request Payload
IKEv2DataIKEv2 data structure
IKEv2DeletePayloadDelete Payload
IKEv2HeaderStructure which represent IKEv2 header. The format of the IKE header (see IKEv2 Protocol):
IKEv2IdentificationPayloadIdentification Payload
IKEv2IdentificationPayloadBodyIdentification payload body. Data which do not belongs to generic payload header
IKEv2KeyExchangePayloadKey Exchange Payload
IKEv2NotifyPayloadNotify Payload
IKEv2PayloadHeaderGeneric Payload Header
IKEv2ProposalProposal Substructure
IKEv2SessionIKEv2 Session data. This structure is also used as a element of linked list with all active IKEv2 sessions
IKEv2TransformTransform Substructure
ParseMsgResultResult structure for ParseMsg function
ProposalStructure which contains list of proposals and associated protocols
ProtocolStructure which contains protocol types and list of associated transforms
sharedSecListStructure which is used for acceptable id/password lists
TransformStructure which contains transform types
TransformConfigItemStructure which is used to map descriptive transform name to numeric ID and vice versa. This structure also contains information about kind of encryption key, which is used with sepceyfic algorithm. If variable key length is allowed, then last field, contains also default key length

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